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This is all you faggots have left. Empty mockery.
Impotence! kek
Your biggest fear is our ghosting ability.
You have no fucking clue who I am, nor what I look like. Because I have seen you coming for 3 decades, and never once put anything of personal value online for you to weaponize against me.
Hell, at this point, and your reputation, I can easily assume that "meet up" is just another Antifa honeypot to give you the ammo to do exactly what you're doing now.
My Militia looks nothing like that.
I'd send you a pic, but I don't want to frighten you, and I would really rather it be a surprise.
I can't wait to see the look on your silly faces when the "incels" show up to crush your fragile windpipe, and chain you to their truck bumper for a tour through the countryside.
I have so many amazing adventures and novelties to share with you, yid!
We owe you so much for what you've done for us!