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You're sitting at home, having a nice family meal when suddenly you hear some people yelling in the distance.

Your husband goes to check it out and he says "Honey there's a bunch of niggers out there"

He instinctively grabs the gun to your surprise and you spill mustard on your shirt. Afraid he'll beat you for not following orders you follow him with a sidearm in tow and prepare to mirror his mannerisms.

Thinking "how hard could it be" you take your untrained ass outside and start flagging everyone in sight, including your own husband.

You take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let the moment pass.

You cant pull the trigger on him. This man has provided everything for you. If he dies there's nowhere else to go. You dont have any meaningful skills, no redeemable personality, no future prospects. All because you followed him outside that day.

You are now stuck with him, whether you want to be or not.