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Sorry but I need to vent.

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Everything toothpasta makes is stupid zainy unfunny bullshit that sucks ass. It's fucking moronic. He also is extremely unoriginal and he panders constantly with old ass "bant memes" he literally just remixes stuff that is already popular instead of making things that are new.
Those shitty toothgirl things are stupid as fuck and they are creepy. The normal pictures look much better. Teeth anime girls aren't funny at all, they are just infuriating.
Everything futasuck posts is retarded, he is the biggest retard on this website and he needs to shut the fuck up.
Normie is way too dramatic and self absorbed, same with biggu.
All the people who post in recurring threads like "there are no good threads on bant so here is one" or "my gf satania is so cute", need to stop they are cancer.