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Meme magic revival

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Lads, it is time we focused the meme magic that severed the hillary head from the beast onto a new enemy. Chiang's three gorges dam is an insect holocaust of absolutely epic proportions. Check the general and do some research if you like but know this- if this dam pops at the current happening level China will be crippled. Trump WILL get re-elected and a white alliance between Russia and USA will begin an era of race renaissance on earth. The dam is the key. A metaphorical breakwater for the frustrations of the unappreciated and exploited heroes of the modern age. The silent victims bearing the lion's share of the torment of this age of decadence and now consequence; the much hated free white family.

Send your energy to the dam. Show kek where an ounce of chaos can manifest a pound of cure for this mutant organism of mankind cultivated by treacherous pedovores and the like.

Roll to send the boiling waters of the yangtze to cleanse wuhan in righteous devastation.

Digits add mm to the reservoir. Quints and gigganigga destroys dam personally.