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it isn't white people. It's Blue Eyed people.

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The final redpill is that blue eyed people are the proto humans. The standard, the only true and unmistakable mark of enlightenment. Our trait is recessive, it can't be mixed into, only out of, one drop of shitskin and it's gone. Thus guaranteeing only linear descent. Thats why we don't mind mass immigration.
Jews have a tight ethnostrategy but it falls apart because they can't keep their lineage truly pure. Unlike Jews, Blue eyes need no teachings or books or religions because our group is unmistakable and instantly identifiable. There are no crypto blues. There are no converts.
Everyone wants proximity to us. Blues are the only true humans on earth, the only pure and unmixable trait. Everyone else is some degree of savage. There are brown eyed people with light skin but these are simply facsimiles of humans. Blue is a mark so obvious and desirable that blue eyed people are Unquestionably the true tribe, the most pure and precious humans.
I am abandoning my "white" and "Christianity" identity. Both cause chaos as they are mixed and changed and assimilated into and expanded and watered down by the desperate periphery.
Only and always blue.