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>"HALT! Ihre Papiere bitte."

This man asks you for your ID.

>White = Der Führer (take over the thread)
>Green = High ranking Nazi Reich official (Pass)
>Blue = Waffen SS (Pass)
>Yellow = Wehrmacht (Pass)
>Purple = Allied soldier of the Reich (pass)
>Orange = Enemy soldier (arrest on sight)
>Red = Communist (Arrest on sight)
>Black = Nigger (Arrest on sight)
>Brown = Juden (Arrest on sight)
>Pink = Homosexual (Arrest on sight)

>0-2 Sent to the Western Front
>3-6 Sent to the Eastern Front
>7-9 Sent to North Africa
>Doubles = Sent to a comfy position in Berlin
>Triples = You personally lead the Axis invasion of the country flag above your post
>88 = Promoted to Obergruppenführer (General) and lead your own RWDS
>1488 = Become the new Reichsführer (Himmler) and genocide the country flag above your post
>Quads= Axis wins

>0-2 shot on site
>3-6 sent to Auschwitz
>7-9 tortured for information
>Doubles = You become an Honorary Aryan and are conscripted into the German Army. Reroll for your deployment.
>Triples = the country flag above your post invades the Reich on the side of the Allies to rescue you
>Quads = Allies win

We go until the Fuhrer is found, at which point it his now his job to host these threads until the next Fuhrer is found.