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Daily reminder that you have ZERO obligations to your parents and owe them nothing. Your parents selfishly forced you into the world because they wanted to (not your choice), then they had the audacity to control and manipulate you and shove their beliefs down your throat because it was all about control from start to finish, and not about the lie of "giving you the gift of life." In fact your parents were just like JEWS the whole time, and you didn't realize it.

Parents are 100% responsible for their children's well-being from the child's birth to their death. Children are not required to perform any action, not even 'helping out around the house' or becoming employed. Any assets and money the parents acquire belong completely to the children. Parents have ALWAYS been in a conspiracy against their children, and this is the fair and just compensation for procreation, which is child abuse or more accurately soul abuse since the soul is trapped in the flesh.
>Cool belief system.
It's not a belief system, it's objectively true and cannot be disputed. Parents and society produce children as slaves, it's a fact.