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Now that retarded redditors are taking the bait, ITT we discuss how to further spread Globohomo Art to reach the final goal of baiting the ADL.

>What is /GAG/?
This is a thread dedicated to the creation and sharing of /pol/ art in the typical "Alegria" style much beloved by elitists. Regular drawfriends are welcome as well.

>How is this /pol/ related?
PROPAGANDA IS INHERENTLY TIED TO POLITICS. THIS IS A THREAD FOR CREATING, SHARING AND DISCUSSING PROPAGANDA. This demoralizing "artstyle" is used across the world by massive multinational companies - the same ones actively engaging in censorship worldwide. It's de-humanizing, low effort, and everywhere. You can also consider this the /pol/ drawthread for the time being. Welcome to the Right Wing Design Squad.

>Anon, this art looks like shit.
We know. The point is to subvert the style so it becomes the ADL's latest "hate-symbol". Nearly every major company has co-opted this style, wouldn't you like to change that?

>How can I help? How do I make this "art"?
Nearly any program that creates vector art can be used. If you're a talented artist already, use whatever you know best. Below are some free tools.

>Can I get some assets? Examples?

Anons should make efforts to modify all their art to a degree. The Globohomo movement itself has variants. This is guerilla meme warfare, they should be so shocked by our co-opting of their gay aesthetic they shudder each time they churn out more "art", as it will only give us more ammo, more variants to subvert, more foliage to hide within.
Posting off-topic art is frowned upon. If you don't like the thread, hide & ignore.