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Some guy on Discord was disrespectful and rude to me

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He is a hentai artist, and he admits that he faps to hentai, but he was extremely disrespectful and rude to me when I joined, because he thought I was weird, and I was kindly trying not to be

I told him I liked his art, and that I like to RP sometimes, and I asked if he was interested, but he said "no", and started saying a bunch of negative, rude, and disrespectful shit even after he said "no" just once

I was trying to be kind to him, but he wouldn't listen. He said he "felt like shit", and I tried to convince him to show respect and not be rude, but he refused to show respect, and I had my feelings hurt

I respected what he liked and was into, but he still didn't show it to me

I wanted him to apologize, but he still refused, and then he banned me

I even apologized for possibly intruding, but he didn't forgive me

This guy is an antisocial dick