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Russia mockery thread

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ITT we explore the world's most pathetic country, Russia.

Here are some great Russia facts:

Russia has a smaller economy that Italy.
Russia's last aircraft carrier burned to the hull and is functionally useless.
Russia has a population that decreases every year.
Russia loses more doctors and PHDs every year than it gains.
Russia has the world's highest fetal alcohol syndrome rate.
Russia cannot compete economically, culturally, militarily, or scientifically with the West and resorts to espionage and bribery in a desperate bid to stay relevant.

The people of Russia are beaten dogs, willing to accept any insult to their freedom and dignity to feel safe.

The only brave Russians were unwilling to kneel to tyrants were all killed over the span of decades of dictator after dictator. What's left are today's Russians: the sons and daughters of people who ratted out their neighbors; collaborators and their rodent-like offspring.

Russian women can be purchased online like Amazon products, and are willing to suck the stinkiest fat fuck American's dick to escape the worthless bog that is their homeland.