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Arume Survival - Lol Fagetverse Act 6 Episode 9

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The year was 2049 when some space alien dickheads invaded, they just happened to all look like human females. They abducted or killed most of the world's population. Then, after a year had passed, the only thing that stood in their way of assuming complete control over the planet was the Resistance. The Resistance was a network of small, militaristic groups, created by the surviving Humans, that were spread out across the globe.

Two months later, the Resistance made smaller-scale efforts to fend off the Arume threat. However, progress was only being made on said small-scale. The Arume still controlled large areas on the Earth’s surface and the Resistance were in for a hard fight if they were to try and force them off of the planet.

Another month had passed, but the Resistance was still on the back foot. An Arume ship called ‘The Aether’ appeared suddenly over Europe and deployed thousands of Arume reinforcements, destroying many Resistance bases. However, the Arume attack seemed rushed and their forces unorganised - as if it hadn’t been thoroughly planned out. To make matters worse, more reports of active Messengers - powerful Arume soldiers who wield inhuman powers - were coming from all over the planet. The future looked grim, but the Resistance would keep fighting until the end.

As it entered April of 2050, another month later, the Arume got lucky and destroyed one of Mankind’s superweapons being wielded by the Resistance, Zeus - a large artillery piece originally developed in Germany. The Resistance continued their struggle as the strange Arume Messengers kept showing up across the globe, tightening the Arume’s grasp on the planet.