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Still drinking the White Jew?

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I used to be a milk drinker, but the more I read about it, the less appealing it is. I think the milk industry is ran by jews and tricked us into thinking its a healthy choice. However:

>milk has a lot of estrogene-like hormones in it which mimick estrogene in your body, thus feminizing you
>they found that the number of hip and femur fractures and milk drinking are correlated when looking at statistical data. I.e. the more milk a country consumes the higher the chance for these kind of fractures
>even if you're lactose tolerant, which I'm, milk irritates the bowels and the ingestion system, because you're not supposed to drink it as an adult
>milk has a lot of calcium, but while in the past you couldnt just take calcium directly, now its available in much better bio-available forms everywhere (tablets and food supplements)
>commercial milk is full of byproducts like animal hormones, steroids and other similar stuff, most likely a lot of them are in fact carciogenes.

Water is the superior drink and you should only drink (natural mineral) water from glass bottle (no plastic bottle) to maximize your manliness.