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GET IN HERE - Secret World leader here - Papers being declassified EDITION

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secret world leader anon here

couldn't do a thread yesterday, was low energy and was out for a jog, will upload the picture. yesterday was big though.

biden was doing paperwork of declassifiyng podesta's and hillary's projects.

also she had two breakdowns/calls for help in that time, she decided for someone of the satanics to be stabbed into the spine nerve so he has the same nerve damage like me (i have cribbling sensations in my left feet because a nerve water extraction which went violent). apparently he isn't able to move his leg anymore.

ellen dengenerate is "allowed" to invade and harass every guest she has, she was freaking out in panic when i blocked her invasion by angry blinking.

and i realized the satanics travel into the past so restless because the don't have the power over the future. i will elaborate later.

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