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has /bant/ - random anime transport torrents ever been caught in a 12 hour power outage and the house is getting reaklly really really really really cold like man i';m relaly freezing my anuse off here so i n order to warm myself up i start brainstorming and im like ahaha this is how i warm myself up i walk up to my dog named maggie (she is really cute) and cuddle up to maggei to get warm and then the realiztion hits me that its warmer on the sidnside so i go to the kitchen and grab a knife from the kitchen and approach maggie with my knife from the kitchgen and im sorry maggie but i have to cut you open with my knife from the ktichen so i do exacyly that and stab maggie in the side with my knife from the kitchen and she starts squealign and squirming all over the place and her blood is everywhere so i stab even harder and wriggle the knife frm the kitchen even harder until theres an open hole in the dogs belly that i can stick my hand in so i stick my hands in the maggies belly and spread apart the skin and ooh its warm and wet insdie so i coat myself in my maggies' intestines and organs tokeep warm but then the power comes back a minute later and oh i killed my dog oof might as well buy a new one ??