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A warnnig and reminder of what 4chan was

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4chan was a website for left-leaning hacktivists and anime.
We're taking back our site.
>helped spread "Chocolate Rain"; a song about police brutality and systematic racism facing Black Americans
>trolled Hal Turner's radio show because he's a conservative faggot
>trolled Kimmo Alm because he's a pedo nazi
>supported Occupy Wallstreet
>leaked Sarah Palin's emails on /b/ because she's a conservative retard
Right wingers can try all they like with endless spam, attempts at rewriting 4chan history and disingenuous astroturf-esque causefaggetry but at the end of the day it was only ever stormfags and horsefuckers who were thrown into containment because no one else wanted you around. The moment you stop spamming your bullshit is the moment 4chan loses the facade of being a "based right wing" website.
Your obnoxious "culture war" shit is like a bad smell that quickly wafts away when exposed to daylight. The core autism of 4chan, which will never accept your fundamentally normalfag /pol/shit, is like a background radiation. It outlasted moot and will no doubt outlast ひろゆき. Autism is eternal.

It's also pretty weird how there are so many unironic homophobes and transphobes on here when we have an /lgbt/ board. Internet trans-culture was also revolutionized in the late-2000s/early-2010s on /b/. Reminder the word "trap" literally comes from 4chan lmao.

I guess the stormfag invasions from /pol/ really drove off all of the left-leaning oldfags like pic related.