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last two digits is the age of your brand new GF

ID color indicates:
red - Likes Anal
green - Is chubby
blue - Only Cuddles
purple - Is Royalty
yellow - Is Asian
orange - Only BJs
black - Loves eating ass
brown - Is a nigger
gray/white - Pure Aryan
pink - Has a penis

Doubles: Shes your Imouto
Trips: Shes also your daughteru
ID with "+" : She is obsessed with you
ID with " - " : She will get bored with you in a week.
ID with a capital Q : She has a vomit fetish
ID with two number " 7 "s : She will get pregnant
ID with "nig" in it : You'll be cucked
ID with a "/" : She has autism
ID with two "x"s : She is a gymnast
ID with two " 4 "s : Gets a brand new Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86
ID with a capital "Z" : go directly to jail