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Is it possible to fix your life after the age of 21?

>Barely graduated highschool
>Live in Canada, so i have pretty much no opportunities for social mobility
>A few months working experience
>21 year old kissless virgin
>No friends at all
>Parents hate me and are close to kicking me out because they're tired of me being a leech and also we always fought in childhood and never gotten along. Can't really blame them for wanting to kick me out but on the otherhand feel like part of it is a result of their (lack of) parenting as well
>Lifts are just barely at "intermediate" on Symmetric Strength
>~18% bodyfat or so DYEL
>Masturbate to cuck and femdom porn all day long - it's the only time i really feel happy in my life
>Too retarded to read books, liow attention span as a result of like a decade of extreme videogames and then online browsing/4chan consumption has given me puesdo-adhd
>No drivers' license
>Literally formed my views of the world based on 4chan, I allow 4chan to decide how I should live my life and after spending so much time on /R9K/ I know believe that my life is out of my control and it all comes down to pure luck

Is there any way I salvage this situation? I thought about committing suicide but I don't really want to harm innocent people, it's not fair for them to have to die too. I really just want to become a normal and health person.