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Arume Prison Survival [ep 4]

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The arume have won the war against humans. Now, you and the other anons are captured. Things are tough around here, consequences aren't light. So, it looks like theres no time to be misbehaving. Thing is, its kinda nice here, so why would you want to leave? Well, the arume are thinking of either killing you or feminizing you at one point. So you gotta get out of here.

The prison follows a pattern: prisoners wake up, prisoners eat breakfast, prisoners go back to their cells and talk to each other, prisoners eat lunch, prisoners go back to their cells, prisoners eat dinner, prisoners go back to their cells, prisoners go to bed.
Be a good prisoner; you are only allowed 5 penalties before automatically facing the ultimate punishment. Murdering a prisoner or guard will give you 2 penalties. Assaulting a guard will result in 1 penalty. The arume have surveillance, so they'll find out if you don't tamper with the cameras.

Prisoners with 0 penalties are granted privileges for being good prisoners. These privileges include:
-Visiting the outside world for 1 thread, monitored by a special forces arume
-You are stripped of all possessions except for your clothes
-Don't fuck around with the special forces, they can incapacitate you in a snap
-Requesting to go to other rooms in the prison (supervised, of course)
-Being a witness in (arume) court
-If, by any chance, your number is called on the death lottery, you can request for your time to be moved to the next thread
-Can only be used once
-If you gain a penalty after moving your time, your proposal is canceled

Escaping the prison requires a lot of communication with the guards and with your peers. Since the guards are your gatekeepers, you must keep them in mind when thinking of escaping from the prison.

If you're in our discord, roll in there.
If you aren't, just post here (on 4chan), and the last two digits of your post number (reverse) count as your roll (e.g. "10" is actually 01).