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I'm so tired of hearing about Trump and all the political bullshit that comes along with him. I honestly didn't care who was elected, and I don't really have an opinion on if Trump is good or bad but god damn it's annoying to have to hear about this man every single day. It's been like this for like 2 years and it's so fucking annoying. It seems like Trump has somehow leaked his way into every aspect of life, culture and entertainment. I get with him being the President and all it's important to talk about these things but I feel like if the whole election went different and we had a normal person elected there wouldn't be so much annoying bullshit we have to hear about on the daily. Like in another timeline where Trump somehow never got popular as a politician and someone else won, I feel like things would be comfier, like they were before he started running. Of course there's always been political bullshit but things are at such an annoying, constant extreme, and no matter what you do YOU CAN'T GET AWAY.