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It was a normal day in the cesspool that once was /bant/, a major part of the threads were gay ERP threads, the gay had taken over /bant/.
PD was gone, nobody posted johnny or jinzo anymore and Tsumugi was dead (banned).
Everything seemed grim, and everyone felt hopeless, like they liked traps more by each minute that passed.


A poster not recognized before, came to the land of /bant/, a common flag with a noble purpose, stop gayposting from taking over 2+2chan and reclaim /bant/ as a niceposting board, before it descended into dick rating threads and trap threads like /b/, using varied reaction images, he makes sure he won't end up in the same grave as Tsumugi.
No matter what tricks the gays use, anti-gayposting spainard will not allow the gays to destroy his homeland, he's here to wage war agaisn't the gay, before it gets too late.