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How Can Chestlets Even Compete?

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>Not having a titcow gf

Seriously, if you don't have a THICC (not fat) big titty gf like pic related, why even bother? They are superior to scrawny chestlets in every way.

>The epitome of femininity and fertility across time in every country and culture
> It's literally impossible to be upset about anything when your face is buried inbetween two giant titties.
>Secure and confident with their body and womanhood while flatchested girls desperately try to artificially make themselves look more womanly and are constantly insecure about their boyish bodies.
>Wide hips are ideal for safe and healthy birthing process
>Provide superior, natural, and wholesome nourishment to your offspring while chestlets get cucked by synthetic, inferior, overpriced "formula" filled with god knows what.
>Constantly get mired by jealous chestlets with breast envy while other men will either gawk at her or give you a bro nod/fist bump in recognition of you scoring with the apex of female genetics.
>Big bouncing titties during sex

Prove me wrong.