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>be manlet
>can't grow a beard/no body hair whatsoever
>kind of grateful for that
>germaphobe, so always liked to clean everything and be neat
>can't into sports, preferred to cook for others instead
>always was mom's cooking assistant growing up and regularly baked cookies for everyone to enjoy
>friends were only girls growing up and didn't feel anything wrong getting mistaken for a girl
>medically confirmed low test
>doc offered steroids but I wasn't sure if it was right for me
>thinking about becoming a tranny but aware of how degenerate they are full of DIRTY stds and shit (literally)
>mom, sister, and all other females of family are DD's, so I think I have a good chance at fair C's since potential is always a cup or so lower
>first and only crush was a boy who protected me from bullies way back in high school who was the only to make me feel genuinely safe and protected around him (one of the best feelings I've ever felt from someone)
>suspected that he would have beaten me up though if I confessed my feelings so never bothered
>I still think/dream/fantasize about him even though he never knew my name
>can only mumble and not even communicate properly now because I don't like the sound of my own voice or appearance anymore
>becoming more and more isolated/depressed as a result and stopped taking care of myself like I once proudly did
>don't even bake anymore despite having once aspired to be a baker and make other people happy from good food
>will probably still an hero anyways from inaction

well /pol/, why shouldn't people like me be allowed to transition and assume their final form as women to better integrate in society -- to at least have a chance?

p.s. I don't even mean attention whoring in lgbt culture (which I admit is a problem), just quietly belonging to pass in stealth and find a partner to always be there for each other and be life companions