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Baloo general /bantloo/

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Original post:
>Hey /bant/ let's prank plebbit into making a new meme
We will spam images of Baloo from Jungle Book
The people there are stupid enough that if they see several posts of this type they'll think it's a meme and wull post the same aswell
How we do this:
>Make an account using 10 minute mail or something
>Search for images of Baloo from Jungle Book (The animated movie)
>Post them to r/me_irl
>You also need to upvote posts of these types aswell
If this prank is successful enough someone will post it on some other subreddit, and eventually even sites like 9gag and facebook will be effected by the prank
Currently there's one baloo on the front page

Rising and new are flooded with bear necessities

Keep up the good work