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Arume Survival Thread S1 EP2

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In late 2015 an alien empire,named the Arume Imperium, invaded Earth, swiftly conquering the major powers in a blitzkrieg-esque manner. Now humanity has bent their knee to the alien threat.

You take on the role of a human civilian two years later in the USA. Based upon you and your accomplices actions the history of the world shall change...or not.

-Pick a name and hop right in!

-Rolling will be based off Discord, but OP will roll for those who wish to not join.

-More information shall be added in over time as you uncover more.

-How successful some of your actions depends on your rolls with difficulty changing based upon what you are trying to accomplish. Though sometimes good rolls won’t save you from sticky situations you’ll find yourself in.

-Rolling System:0-39 a failure, 40-50 a coin flip, 51-75 a success, 76-89 a great success, 90-99 a grand success,and 100/dubs being a godsend