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Arume Survival Part IV Episode 3

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The arume have invaded earth. You are with the resistance now, and must work with your team to defeat them. This game’s outcome will be based off of how effective your rolls are, and how smart you can be. Not all actions will require rolls. Rolls will be rolled from the arume discord server. I will use a bot to roll, or you can roll yourself. The server link will be below. Dubs is considered the highest roll. The rolls are dependant on the situation though. For example if you are facing an army of arume up front with no cover. a 98 or dubs is not going to save you. So be smart with your actions. This is the same for the lower rolls. So they won’t be counted for menial actions. If you are talking to another player in the game then your roll will have no effect, they only have effect when you are talking with an npc. If you die in the game you cannot respawn till next thread, and you will have to choose a new character to play with and start over. This is so you don’t do stupid shit. If you’re new to these threads then i suggest going to the links below so you can get caught up on the story. You don’t have to read all of it, you can just read the last couple episodes.