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I think I've become a spainaboo, r/banter. Every morning I wake up to the sound of mariachi music on my alarm and start my day with slathering my skin with a light brown colour. I have tacos for breakfast because it's Taco Sunday and watch traditional Spanish animation like Dora the Explorer. You may question my tastes but Dora the Explorer is packed with subtle adult humor that's quite telling of the talent in the Spanish cartoon industry. After my morning routine is over I head to work, but not before I put on my trusty sombrero. I'm trying to get a feel for how Spanish people work so I've taken up employment as a servant for a rich white man and he treats me very fairly but threatens to call the border control if I don't work hard enough (he actually thinks I'm from Spain). It's really hard work tending to his garden, the hand herpes doesn't really help either. For lunch break I consume a taco my wife had packed for me and get back to work for the rest of the day. Around supper time I get off work and stop by the nearest Taco Bell. I feel very at home here and this is where I've been learning Spanish for the last few weeks. I start to get really gassy at this point but it hardly matters when the restaurant already smells like spain to begin with. I go along my day and pick up my trusted herpes-infested tranny hooker, all's well and good and I finger him for a good bit until I let out the smelliest, most primal Spanish far I can think of, he fucking dies and for a good second I actually feel Spanish. I finally arrive home and greet my wife who congratulates me for my hard work, in which I reply "that's a pretty big word for a 6 year old" and proceed to give her a good dicking before going to the computer room, crack open the trusty MS paint and draw porn that makes Shadman look like Michelangelo

I wish I lived in Spain