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>Hospitals prioritise the disconnection of black patients so there is more room for other people.

>Senior citizens are pressured to act young by middle aged people prevent younger generations from grow wiser because they feel inferior when younger people show how smart they can be.

>The red cross is actually a crypto-christian organization trying to secretly revive the templars, that's why they try to censor the misuse of the red cross.

>Trump's wall wasn't a real thing at all but a gambit to make immigrants go to the US so whites can have more toilet cleaners, more toilet cleaners means the job's value decreases, this way the US can afford cheap cleaners in big quantities.

>Trap, future bass, hardstyle and dubstep are actually the same thing.

>latin music is actually not one music genre.

>Mclaren and Lamborghini are the same thing.

>Switzerland ain't neutral, they are just waiting to take over the world once we are all done killing each other.

>Boeing did 9/11 to force airlines to buy useless security systems that actually do nothing, Bush just exploited it latter.

>Italian shoes have fascist symbols printed on the soles