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Hello, /bant/! CYOA time!

1. Dubs chooses what action takes place
2. Only simple actions may take place. Eg: Throw a rock at the starving child. Not actions like: Run to Zimbabwe, kill thirty three virgin women, bath in their blood, and skull fuck a ten year old.
3. I may change, add, and remove rules at any time. (Will do this as minimally as possible to keep freedom)
4. Greater posts can over ride previous posts. If someone get dubs, and then someone gets trips before I post a response to the dubs, the trips gets to choose the action.
5. Once dubs has been gotten, no other posts count until my next update.
6. Remember that I am only human, and can not make pictures in half a second.

So, /bant/.

You wake up in a field. Wat do?