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What happened to bant?

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Remember when we used to have dedicated anti-gayposters?
Remember when LITERALLY any thread with an anime image in the OP wasn't at risk of being derailed by these faggots, posting the exact same images every fucking time just so they could get recognized by their buttbuddies?
I think this whole gayposting plague can all be attributed to that fucking kiwi trial. Reset and that motherfucking ginger had to be the fucking big shots that night, didn't they? And now look where we are. No duke, no jinzo, no bravo, and no leafgirl or aussiegirl. Board culture is literally fucking dead and has been replaced with "niceposting" and gayposting.
The gaywi and his gay lawyer's effects were only emphasized once s4s came into play. People just stopped giving a fuck about post quality anymore and started gayposting just for """fun.""" There's nothing bad about funposting occasionally, but when the entire fucking board is covered with "i want a cute bf to snuggle with" type threads that's where we should draw the line.
And what's worse is the fact that the remnants of the anti-gayposters like tsumugi and PD have now taken a softer stance against gayposting because they've accepted that its now the new /bant/ """culture.""" I honestly don't care about how many people reply with smug reaction images and gayposting. I don't care about how many people respond with >le new pasta xd it still doesn't change the fact that you people are in denial about board quality. You say bant's not dead or that it's never changed but you're wrong. Sorry to burst your bubble full of gigantic faggotry, but someone had to do it, so it might as well be me.