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bant is so shit, only few more days and i will leave too, there is nothing good left here, you have retards derailing every thread and no originality
*spits on bant*
i cant believe i spent so much time here, i guess i will have to accept how things turned out and move on, the bad guys won, congratulations, i hope you are happy
at this point i just wish for hordes of normies to rape this board or for /pol/ to take this shit rather than letting it rot in this gay state
yes, i hate most of the people on bant, i cant wait for some retard to reply to me with smug anime girl and saying im mad, wow so unexpected haha
we had a nice new board but you just had to ruin it because you couldnt stay in your own fucking shithole, you are like muslims of internet
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK i hate what this board became so much
just few more days and i will be free from this shit board