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Dear /bant/,
go back there and tell everyone they are cute! cute! don't be afraid to be the gay man that lives inside you To understand the relationship between Cirno and the Fishe, you first have to understand the nature of Gensokyo and Touhou in general. Looking at a strictly canon perspective, there is no confirmed situation where the Fishe an Cirno ever met, and certainly not through introduction by Sakuya as the OP image would imply. Cirno meeting the Fishe is merely an inferred situation: a posibility not set in stone through the word of ZUN, yet neither ruled out as something that couldn't occur through some sort of contrived circumstance. This is likewise why certain works depict the Fishe as an angry god demanding sacrifice, a benevolent figure from which to channel Cirno's hopes and desires, or a simple snack food to be swiftly consumed. Until deemed true or untrue, any of these outcomes could possibly occur in the hypotetical case that Cirno and the Fishe were to meet. It is something that is under no constraint, much like Momiji's personality and Reimu's family.

Primaries might scold you for stepping outside of canon constraints and attempting to fabricate a situation they deem contrary to character - "sakuya giving the cirno the fishe" would imply a certain sense of altruism on the former's part that has yet to show up in canon, leading to the argument of character derailment, but many popular doujin works interpret the exact characterizations of characters differently from strict canon and are not always lesser for it. After all, the canon fighting games take artistic liberties in the depictions of individual characters, yet remain supported by ZUN regardless if they depict his characters in the way he originally invisioned them.