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/dmg/ - David Mulleary General #6 BONG ON THE RUN EDITION

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>britanon loses his cat
>finds it in an abandoned home and enters it
>home still fully furbished, electricity, etc.
>tons of mails
>house was apparantly inhabited by a guy named 'David Mulleary'
>britanon writes "/bant/ was here" on a wall
>explores the home, finds (among others) notes, photos, an Xbox harddrive and a notebook
>notebook is full of worrying writings, mentions a girl he seemed to like and suicidal thoughts
>anons search the net, find relatives
>two anons contact his nephew because they are worried about David
>relatives responded
>they have contacted the anons
>they even CALLED
>people have even sent the links to the threads
>police has been informed
>brit anon on the run from scotland yard
>tfw he just tried to get back his cat