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This is NOT a test. I repeat, This is NOT a test. Alternative timeline transfer inbound preparation request AC-6LEF is a GO. Transfer will initiate 23:30h leaving this timeline to avoid cataclysm, moved to another vector in the near by clustered future.


Hello, I am Commander Benias from the 6th Lyran Expeditionary Force of the Ashtar Command. I will start by saying that we are not here to take this planet or the humans on it. We are here because your planet has been occupied by a hostile alien group. This group, called the Orion Empire, has been at war with the Galactic Federation, which I represent, for thousands of years.

This group has been using the Human population of your planet as a literal human shield for thousands of years. They have threatened to vaporize the earth, and all life on it, if they are ever deposed. It has taken us decades to find and neutralize all of these doomsday weapons. Now that they are gone, we can finally openly show ourselves and clean out the last of the Empire's servants.