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First thread so fuck off if I get it wrong

>become friends with this girl at work
>9/10 with great ads but I need a friend so never try anything
>already have great gf and she has shitty bf who she's too scared to break up with
>I become her confidant. She tells me pretty much everything
>Still finds it hard to open up though

>one day I bring a bottle of sambuca to work
>This shit is 27 units in one bottle
>We are both lightweight as well
>tell her we are doing shots outside after work
>our boss dgaf
>finish bottle in little over an hour and get hammered
>decided to walk her home cause it hit her harder than me and she's stumbling

>get to a bridge after a little walking
>She jumps on me and tries to kiss me
>starts begging me for sex
>instant boner but I tell her no
>takes everything I have not to touch that ass and kiss her back
>she's so hot like holy shit
>I know that I will regret it if I do anything though. Still have gf after all and I'm happy with my relationship
>She begs 'just one kiss and I won't ask again'
>pull her close
>look at her
>kiss her forehead and tell her how much she matters to me as a friend
>hug her tight for a bit and tell her she's just trying to run away from her current :(
>She tells me she trusts me more than anyone and thinks more of me than she does of anyone else

>try to walk her home but she's even more drunk by this point.
>eventually give up on making her tell me her address and just bring her back to mine
>let her sleep on the pull-out couch downstairs
>she's got no pants on by the timer I come back with a blanket but I cover her up right away
>Go upstairs and message gf. Explain everything.
>gf says she is proud of me and trusts me
>mum says she is proud of me
>me and the girl are still good friends

I'm feeling really happy with myself. I always wondered if I'd do the right thing when shortages. And I'm glad that I did. Still feel bad that's can't make my friend happy though. It's clear she's in love with me