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Okay guys, the drunks didn't make a new thread but I'm bored and I want to do another cute 2d girls contest so I am making this myself
Presenting the new and improved al/ck/ (Anime Loveable Cuties Kontest)
Here's a quick rundown.
- I have a lot of cute pictures
- I want you to help me figure out which among them stands at the top
I'm gonna dump a whole bunch of pictures and you guys tell me which ones are your favourite!!!
As an aside, I have the impression some of you have less than pure motivations in your response. This is the LOVEABLE CUTIES, not the LEWD CUTIES contest, so please judge with your heart and not with your knob. This is really just a personal request. I can't stop you or tell you how to feel but I would really appreciate if you kept your remarks in line with the intention of the thread.
Without further ado, let the contest begin!