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ITT: We tell two truths and a lie about ourselves and try to guess each others lies. (lewds preferable but not required)

>If you post your truths and a lie you have to guess for a few anons also
>Wait for a few anons to guess yours before you reveal anything


>1: A guy in his 40s paid me $1000 to come to my house and do all my chores while naked, and pleasure me however I wished. He kept passively suggesting that I should fuck him but I didn't wanna so I just got him to suck me off. I kinda regret that now cause he didn't come back after that.
>2: I was once peed on while kneeling in the grass in my friends back yard at around 2am in the morning. I couldn't stop giggling while it was happening, then I was cold and we took a shower together.
>3: The oldest person I've had sexual relations with was 82 (or maybe 83 now, but he was 82 when I asked). I still see him sometimes, he likes to grind against me between my legs until he cums.