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who was the worst teacher you ever had? /bant/? my question has just been answered today
>i'm pretty fucking mad
so i was in english class studying 'Othello' by william shakespeare when my fat feminazi teacher who always makes study sexism and shit like that for the whole year mentions ''the city of cyprus''
>ok so cyprus is a fucking city now
i tell her that cyprus isnt a city and she just says ''DO YOU HAVE A DEGREE IN ANCIENT HISTORY AND ARCHEOLOGY??''
i try to tell her i dont need a degree to not make a fucking stupid error but she sent me outside before i could finish my sentence.
i then spend the rest of the period outside,and when i had to go to the next class, i got inside to get my shit and she said ''i didn't invite you back in so go away''. i wait outside some more and she then talks to me saying i was 'lacking empathy' and 'dont know how she feels to be contradicted'
>this is not the first time this shit has happened with this bitch. tell me if you want more stories.