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Calling Upon Patroll

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>be me
>have serious girlfriend for a while
>first ever real relationship
>roastie cheats on me and then dumps me for some legitimate retard
>depressed for a while
>try to win her back but doesn't work
>chadtard:: 1 anon: 0
>give up and work on moving on
>they continue to date for years

Fast forward 4 years

>completely gotten over her
>started working out years ago
>got more interested in stuff like politics and larger than life shit.
>hear from a friend that roastie and chadtard broke up a few days ago
>"wtf they've been dating for like 4 years?"
>doesn't phase me a whole lot
>haven't even thought about her in years
>get notification on Facebook
>mfw she poked me

What should I do to her anons?