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Alice3D is the best poster on /bant/

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Why? She is sexy and provides a varnish of class and decorum to the incessant degeneracy that is /bant/. She teaches basement dwelling neckbeards how to cook simple things beyond microwaveable trendies and pizza rolls. She is a light of kindness and help to the broken anons who infest this board. You insult her for “shilling” her twitch and patreon, but she is actually doing you a favor by posting them here. She streams games and anime every night and she makes herself available for your beta orbiting needs in an unprecedented way. Yes, you NEED to beta orbit and we all only dream we could be worthy of beta orbiting her, and she provides many social media venues for you to interact with her and donate. She knows what is best for you as you wallow in your ignorance and hatred and does everything she does because it’s in your best interests. Alice is the closest thing to Christ on this earth since 33 AD, so kind and selfless and giving, and we are unworthy of her. Reflect and repent, and abase yourself before her. Alice will forgive you and show you the way to the light if you just accept her dominion over you.