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Daily Anti-Fascism General /DAFG/

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Your Daily Dose of Anti-Fascism

The Anti-Fascist Network is a network of independent and grassroots groups working together against the rise of racism and fascism in our communities.

Anti-Fascists peacefully oppose fascist groups wherever they go. We aim to work together to peacefully oppose local and national far-right events, ensuring maximum numbers on the streets as well as sharing resources and providing legal support.

The Anti-Fascist Network is not about telling people what to do, what type of anti-fascist activity they should undertake or what political analysis they should adopt. We simply want to cooperate to defeat fascism.

The Anti-Fascist Network is non-hierarchical, will never work with the police and is not affiliated to any political party.

All /pol/tards must return back to their shithole and never return.

There is to be no biggotry, racism, sexism, or misogyny.

Minorities are welcome

Lets keep it Peaceful itt

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