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The reaction to Dan Harmon and James Gunn has beyond radicalized me. Seeing the same people, who condemn others for jokes they don't like, pull the free speech card after it comes out that they don't follow their own rules. Seeing nerds defend their precious cartoon creators, and act like holding these scum fucks to their own standards somehow makes us sjws, boils my fucking blood.

Not only does nobody care, but exposing pedophiles might be the thing that turns the narrative around. Now conservatives will be considered the sjws trying to censor everyone, while the people who actually do, will be lifted on high as free speech darlings.

I'm watching history be written wrong in live time. Pol, you've ruined me. This is making it hard to watch anything. It's making hard to be around my friends and family. All I can feel is deep hatred for everything. You autists better find something even more incriminating about these fucks, because right now you are losing.