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Internet roles are trying to influence the Swedish election with hate propaganda
Activists from a right-wing forum online try to spread hatred facts up to the election on September 9th.

From the bottom of the internet, a group of anonymous right-wing activists are working to spread "hatefacts" online to influence the Swedish elections that take place in a few weeks. It tells Orientation on P1.

On social media, activists, including Danes, have spread hundreds of so-called 'memes' with hateful slogans such as 'Keep Sweden Clean', representations of homosexuals as mentally ill and refugee refugees kicked out of the country.

What is a meme?
A meme is typically an image with a corresponding text that can be decoded swiftly and has a message with a humorous dispute.

Memes is designed to go virally. Although many people know memes as innocent fun with pictures of foolish cats, memes are also used for coarse humor with, for example, racist messages.

Dreams of Racial Europe
The activists have gathered through the internet forum 4chan, where they exchange greetings, Hitler talks and tips for fascist literature.

Their long-term goal is a racial, ethnic white Europe. Drawing Sweden to the right is a high priority towards the end goal.

And that's what Internet activists are targeting by "influencing the Swedish choice through memes (imagejokes, see box), shitposting and sharing propaganda," as they themselves formulated on 4chan.

Initiative from England
The group of activists counts around 100 anonymous members.

But even though the majority of them are Swedes, the initiative is not Swedish, but European and has an anonymous English in the lead. At 4chan, the person himself writes the following:

"We do not live in Sweden. We are Europeans who try to mobilize Swedes to send a message to the rest of the European Right.

Many of the European right-wing radicals see Sweden as a stronghold for all that they do not like.