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360th Happy day

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How often do we say "no" just to prove that we have know the question before it was even asked..?

Anone, do you always try to look out on yourself from different perspectives? To see your flaws both from the front and behind, and even inside~?
I hope you do, albeit it wouldn't really be that bad if the answer stayed negative - that's just a reason that there's still something to live for, an acknowledge space for progression <3

..on the other hand and a second topic though - what's worse than not knowing the weight of your own thoughts?
To be in a limbo of conflicts - no way of proving one side or another, constantly being met with different aspects of the problem and no real platform to grasp on.

I live in Poland and I sometimes feel like there's practically no intelligence among the elder, mostly sixty plus.
I don't have any insight above my city - heck, it's not like I know any apart from family and those blessed, with my family again being a counterweight.
Sometimes it feels like their past was beyond obscure and repetitively going into absolutely nowhere.
..which again - I know only few to have an insight on their younger episodes. Call me ignorant but I really feel uncomfortable with that in mind.