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>be me
>one year ago
>discover 4chan and start using it
>stumble upon /pol/
>take in their mindset like a moth to a lamp
>I'm the moth
>start acting like a /pol/ster, praising kekistan and shit
>online friends start to noice

>a while later
>I try connecting with an online group I was active on before
>they start to notice my /pol/ mindset
>I start to notice
>stop going on /pol/ for a while, resort to boards like /g/
>they still disapprove
>they don't view me any different
>ended up getting banned from that along with other things.
>they never forgot

1 year later, I'm still banned from their Discord (which was where I communicated to em) but I am not banned on their forums.
Some people say that I've changed since then but they're a vocal minority.
What should I do, /bant/? Are there some "safe" boards and "toxic" ones? Should I just forget that group?

pic might be related