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Oh my fucking god this board is just so fucking shit ahahhahahahah le anime ahhahahahhahahaha le muthafucking kot id gte oh my days the OC on here ohhhhhhhhhhhh wowwwwww, can some anime poster or kot id get poster tell me why they do it? It's just so fucking cringey and reddit-tier it's sad just posting the same unfunny thing over and over again, now we're in an age where people on this website keep old and unfunny memes while redditors discard them soon after their memes die.

I really don't understand why you guys do this it really fucking hurts my head I just don't understand, I'm starting to use this board less and less now for good reason, I want this board to be good but desu I should just go to /x/ or reddit for quality posts that are interesting and that actually vary.

Goodbye and good fucking riddance to the r/banter may you all burn in fucking hell, it's what all kot posters deserve.