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I want to become a girl. It's stronger than me, this society doesn't allow male betas in, betas will never contribute to nothing aside from sucking up to the big shots. Why are weak males treated like shit? What is feminism doing aside from gradually empowering itself? Being meek and shy is passable as a girl but not in the slightest for a guy. Do you call this a fucking progressive society? I don't want to become a mutilated male, I want to be born again as a girl, I want to be a good and caring housewife and cook for my husband. Now have you ever seen a goddamn male housewife? What's it called? House-husband? And isn't he constantly ridiculed by both genders and made to look like a worthless laughingstock? As a beta male you're treated like shit throughout your entire life like it or not. Can you imagine? Having a shit 12 hours job, promising yourself you'll pull through but by the time you hit 50 you're still working at the same shit post with a shit wage, ending up with an ugly greasy fat mess of a woman because no one would date a wimp. Life would be so much easier as a girl, all you ever have to do is orbit around a rich chad and show him your private parts before every other sluts, and voila!! You succeeded at life! You won't have to wake up at 6 in the morning because your husband is a loaded fuck who pulls dollar bills out of his ass, you won't have to get a license because your husband will take you anywhere you want, you don't have to raise a finger because everything can be fixed with your husband's millions. You won't even have to leave your house, who gives a shit if a woman is a shut in? She must be one hell of a housewife after all! Cleaning the house and preparing dinner every day! But what kind of worthless and ungrateful being is a man who depends on his wife and stays at home? Why do I have to go through this and pretend to be something I'm not?