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375th Happy day

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Now, now Anon - as some people might find rain on their gentler side, especially those and when left truly unaffected by it's circumstances, others still find it soothing to let the sky clean it's moods, giving you that restful feeling~
It's important to remember - acknowledge and realise - that not everything to your liking might find it's identical ways on the other side of your skull. Number of people around you can be truly devastating sometimes but what's more prodigious, marvelous are and probably always will be, their very own fashions of thinking ʕ•ᴥ-ʔ
You know.. just remember about that~
About the fact, that without conflicts and tastes, opinions and differences, this world would halt in it movements, standing in denial to his own decay.
Who knows - maybe this little thought may help you warn off the dispute before it even tears itself apart from your heart or mind and into your throat, only later to find your claws, deep inside the defending one~

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