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384th Happy day

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To have courage in looking back at your past, seeing your mistakes clear, yet often so logical, to remember faces of people that took a pity, liked or loved you. To see yourself, back in the day, somewhat empty without all this time and experience - and by seeing it, feel it deeply. Where have you been, what did you do in life, what are your plans, hopes and dreams, how did you affect this world and what it given back in return~..
To grasp it all and be happy - at least reconciled.
Standing where you are, so much.. more.

This, is when happiness truly means a thing <3
I wish you all, to feel as safe in your life, as I mentioned it. Before anything else, that could bring back taste of your journey's trouble - just like that. Savouring those sights of the way and horizon, you finally remember so well~

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