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>Be a doormat.
>Move to America, go to law school and have a full-time job.
>Met a nice girl that study medicine.
>Give her half of your income to help her pay for college.
>Graduate and become an attorney at a big law firm.
>She graduates the next year.
>Work 90 hours a week, and let your girl stay at home.
>Have kids and marry.
>Divorce her.
>Lose kids, appartment and your dignity.
>Pay her 150k a year for the next 20 years.
>Move to Norway, and become a carpenter.
>Only pay her 45k a year.
>Let her take suicide, and get the kids back.
>Marry a Norwegian girl taller than you.
>Move back to America to start working as an attorney again.
>Let your Norwegian girl take care of the kids.
>Go to Norway once a year to shitpost with the Norwegian flag.
>Feel like Varg, and be a doormat.

Life lesson: Don't date American girls.