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I know many of you don't give a shit but I need to blog post. First I'm on my way to get my biopsy done. Wish me luck.
Second I freaked the shit out last night. These two black guys were having a conversation that just fucked me the hell up. I thought I was going to end up on world star as one of those faces of death real world killing videos. I even inconvenienced a poor innocent black man. I had to confront him right there and he just looked at me like I was fucking nuts. Shit bant my paranoia is getting worse. I kinda feel bad for that guy. I even had to oust myself to him as a paranoid schizophrenic. For some reason deep down I don't trust him. His response to me was very disingenuous. I think they shifted the plan after I had my wife on the phone. Those niggers wanted to kill me and film it all but they changed their minds last minute or in his words "changed calls because of morals". Shit was fucked guys and it fucked me up bad.
Anyway blog post over this is a free thread to shit on me. Thanks for being here you gaggle of fags.